High Wycombe – renovation

The town of High Wycombe has been redeveloped numerous times throughout its history. These renovations have been reflective of their time, the economic climate & the general mood within the town, and country, at that time.

In much the same way that Ambassador ChemDry refresh a property with their professional, efficient & efficient carpet cleaning High Wycombe services, the council has provided Wycombe with a needed rejuvenation.

Late 1960s

In the ‘60s, the town centre underwent a redevelopment that sought to revolutionise shopping in the local area. This alteration involved covering the river Wye over with concrete & knocking down a number of the older buildings. In their place was constructed two shopping centres, a number of car-parks & office blocks.

Eden Project

The modern ‘Eden Project’ planned to uncover more of the Wye. However, with the increasing size of the modern Eden centre that had been input, these plans were scrapped. This modern redeveloping project has also incorporated a revamp of the previous, ‘60s built shopping centres.

Buckinghamshire New University has also been refurbished, with the addition of a student village & new building.

These internal changes have instigated further builds, including a large Sainsbury’s, hotel and bus station.

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High Wycombe – population

There are a number of definitions as to the area-space of the town of High Wycombe. Taking into account the suburbs within the town, the population is 92,300 people. However, accounting the High Wycombe urban area, surrounding towns & villages included, it has an impressive population of 133,204.

This represents a 13% increase in populous since 2001, suggesting an increase in the interest & appeal of the town.

  • Cookham – 5,108
  • Great Kingshill – 1,761
  • Walters Ash – 3,853
  • Hughenden Valley – 1,915

Ambassador’s Carpet Cleaning High Wycombe services are readily available to residents throughout the entirety of the town.

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High Wycombe – suburbs

The town of High Wycombe is comprised of a number of suburbs. These differing suburbs contain a variety of properties, residents and public spaces. Each suburb, whilst slightly varied in visual appearance, average income and house size, all comprise the larger town of Wycombe.

These suburbs include:

  • Booker
  • Castlefield
  • Daws Hill
  • Holmers Farm
  • Micklefield
  • Sands
  • Totteridge
  • Wycombe Marsh

There are also a number of villages local to High Wycombe. These villages are typically coupled with the town, in relation to council services, local events and our own Carpet Cleaning High Wycombe services.

These villages include:

  • Downley
  • Hazlemere
  • Tylers Green
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High Wycombe – history

One of the prime areas serviced by Ambassador ChemDry is the illustrious town of High Wycombe. There are a number of properties throughout High Wycombe that are outfitted with carpeted surfaces, upholstery & curtains that require regular, comprehensive cleans.

Ambassador’s Carpet Cleaning High Wycombe services are an advised hire for local residents. Below, we look at the lengthy history & heritage of the town.


The name Wycombe traditionally means ‘Dwellings by a stream’. The river Wye, that runs throughout High Wycombe, was a name first officially recorded in 1810.

The first building was carried out here in AD 150, when the Romans came to the valley. This archaic architecture was discovered by workmen in the early 1800s, who uncovered a mosaic walkway & a large villa with complex bathing house.

Roman bricks are still present in High Wycombe in the church tower & the ruins of St John’s Hospital.


The river Wye was essential to powering mills around the 11th century town. These corn mills dealt primarily within the cloth trade, beating the newly woven material with water-powered hammers, shrinking & thickening it. This trade had largely died out by 1600.

Following the end of this trade, these mills began to trade in paper. This paper was made from rags. This trade came to an ignominious end in the 1800s when paper workers revolted against new technology that was brought in.


A school for army officers was established in High Wycombe high street in 1799. The Royal Military College tutored pupils in traditional subjects in addition to siege warfare.

The town’s first public library was opened in 1875 after local philanthropist, James Olliff Griffits, largely raised the money himself. Despite not being popular with local pub owners (they would rather have people drinking their wares than reading books) the library marked a huge advance for the peoples of High Wycombe.

Contemporary Life

The town underwent a development plan in 2006, providing its residents with a new shopping centre, public library & leisure facilities.

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St Albans – fun facts

One of the primary areas Ambassador ChemDry offer their carpet cleaning services to is St Albans. Listed below are 8 obscure & engaging facts about the town, its history & residents.

  • The St Albans clock tower, situated in town, was used for alarms, look outs & curfews following its construction in the 1400s
  • Famed physicist, Stephen Hawking, was educated at St Albans School
  • Nearly 50% of St Albans residents have a degree
  • The average weekly income of St Albans residents is 44% higher than the national average
  • 2001 film, Birthday Girl, starring Hollywood starlet Nicole Kidman, was filmed in St Albans
  • The remains of a Roman wall, from the towns time as Verulamium stands in St Albans parkland
  • ‘The Fighting Cocks’ is one of the oldest pubs in England & is situated at the end of the Verulamium road
  • St Albans possesses the 4th highest proportion of senior staff, managers & professional peoples the country over

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Carpet Cleaning – Myths

There are a number of myths associated with professional carpet cleaning, namely in its effectiveness, cost & carpeted surfaces requirement for it. However, most of these myths are layovers from a time when carpet cleaning practises were not as technically advanced & as professional as those contemporarily used.

Ambassador ChemDry dispel & discuss a number of these myths below:

The carpet doesn’t look dirty, it doesn’t need cleaning

False. The majority of dirt concealed within carpets is ingrained below the fibres, doing significant damage when walked upon. This dirt destroys the protection of the fibres & the carpets colouring.

My carpet isn’t a year old, it doesn’t need cleaning

False. Many people believe that new carpets are not dirty because they do no showcase dirt atop their fibres. However, dirt still becomes ingrained at the fibres root & can do irreparable damage to the surface.

A professionally cleaned carpet gets dirtier quicker

False. This was true decades ago, in the primitive early days of carpet cleaning practises. Contemporary carpet cleaners utilise no dirt attracting residual materials in their cleans.

I own a special carpet-cleaning machine, I can do it

False. The majority of home purchased carpet cleaning machines seem to effectively clean carpeted surfaces but actually serve to put a potentially hazardous level of water into them. This water is a breeding ground for bacteria & can, in a short time, result in an exacerbated dirtiness.

I’ll leave the professional carpet clean for a special occasion

Wrong. Delaying will only result in a carpet in a worse state of degradation. Professionally cleaning carpeted surfaces before the dirt is unavoidable proves a better long term investment, as the carpet will retain its colouring, softness, etc.

Wouldn’t a hard surface floor be better, health-wise?

No. Clean carpets aid with allergies by trapping allergens within their fibres, preventing them from rising. With a hard floor, nothing would serve to prevent said allergens from affecting people.

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High Wycombe – fun facts

High Wycombe is one of the prime areas serviced by Ambassador ChemDrys’ professional, talented & knowledgeable carpet, curtain & upholstery cleaning team. Listed below are 8 interesting & lesser known facts about the town.

  • High Wycombe was once famed for its furnishing industry, which utilised the towns considerable supply of beechwood
  • High Wycombe workshops, at one time, produced almost 5,000 chairs a day
  • The swan is the animal most associated with the town of High Wycombe & was used as a crest in the 1400s
  • The Rye is an area of grassland situated outside High Wycombe town centre & has been utilised for entertainment purposes since Medieval times
  • High Wycombe is located on a junction of the M40
  • A famed High Wycombe landmark are the Hell-Fire caves. These caves were used by Sir Francis Dashwood & a collation of monks known as the Hell-Fire club
  • Former Prime Minister, Benjamin Disraeli, resided in High Wycombe from 1847 to 1881
  • Poet T.S Eliot taught at High Wycombe’s Royal Grammar School in the early 1900s

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Curtains – fun facts

Many people’s homes contain curtains, of a variety of colours, designs & measurements. However, despite the commonality of the furnishing, there are a number of lesser-known, interesting facts about the curtain & its history.

  • Curtain, the word, is derived from the Middle English cortine & Latin cortina
  • Curtains have been found in excavation sites at Herculaneum, Pompeii & Olynthus
  • 2nd to 6th century mosaics show curtains suspended from arch spanning rods
  • The expression ‘curtains for you’ is believed to have originated in the 1946 Looney Tunes cartoon ‘Racketeer Rabbit’
  • Commercial sized curtains are typically used in theatres, cinemas & restaurants
  • In an orthodox Jewish synagogue, the curtain is known as a ‘mechitza’. This is used as a wall to separate Jewish women & men during prayer
  • In theatre, the final bow of a cast at the end of a performance is known as a ‘curtain call’ 
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Bedford – fun facts

  • Bedford became an important hub for engineering in the 1800s, with gas lighting, the railway & drains & sewers all being introduced to the Bedfordshire capital
  • Bedfords embankment contains a war memorial to the soldiers who fought in the 1st World War
  • National treasure, comedian Ronnie Barker, was from Bedford
  • The Bedford castle was burnt to the ground in 1224 & only a mound remains
  • Bedford is separated into 10 wards
  • Bedford’s foremost church, St Paul’s, was used between 1941 & the end of the 2nd World War to broadcast BBC’s daily service
  • 2 of 7 of Bedford’s residents possess at least a slight relation to an Italian descent
  • Over 100 different languages are spoken in Bedford from Polish to Persian

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Innovative Carpets

There are a variety of different carpet types available today, which can prove stressful to choose from. However, despite the multitude of typical coloured & designed carpeting, there are also a range of specialist, fun & imaginative carpets.

Ambassador ChemDry look at these original carpets below.

Shoelace Rug

Designed by Andrea Paustenbaugh & Nate Siverstein, the shoelace rug provides endless entertainment for the owner. They are also sure to prove highly appealing to any family pets.

Swimming Pool Rug

This carpet type is apt for any room with a pre-established water aesthetic. It possesses a simple & evocative colouring, that brings to mind summers spent on the beach.

Global Warming Rug

This rug is appealing & also attempts to make a noted point about the problems associated with global warming. A fun carpet for someone conscious about the environment.

Sunny Side Up

This is a carpet that brings to mind many people’s favourite breakfast type; the egg. The yolks are comfortable, huggable cushions whilst the carpet itself is very soft to the touch. Designed by Valentina Audrito, this carpet is perfect for the food fan.

Football Field

Designed by Karin Mannerstal, the football carpet is great for any fans of the sport. Made from wool, the surface allows for fun for adults & children, whilst livening up any space.

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