High Wycombe

High WycombeMarket & industrial town. An emphasis is placed upon the production of furniture. Wycombe, as it is often regarded, has held, since the 17th century, a High Street market.

Former Titles; Chipping Wycombe, Chepping Wycombe

High Wycombe, according to the 2001 census, possesses over 92,000 residents, making it the largest town in the county of Buckinghamshire. (This is due to Milton KeynesCarpet Cleaners High Wycombestanding as a unitary authoritarian area) The High Wycombe Urban Area, of which the town is the prime component, possesses over 116,000 peoples. 


The name of Wycombe is derived from the river Wye & the archaic English term for a wooded valley, combeWye + combe = WycombeWycombe as a town has existed since the time of the ‘Domesday Book’, in which it was remarked for having 6 mills.

Weighing the Mayor

A tradition that has existed in High Wycombe since 1678 is the weighing of the town mayor at the beginning & end of their year of service. This unique service is treasured by the towns people.

“And some more!”

Professional Clean

Properties throughout the town are sometimes in need of a clean. There are no better methods for cleaning surfaces than hiring Ambassador‘s carpet cleaning High Wycombe professionals.

Their staff & equipment ensure an efficient, effective & all-encompassing clean.

Contact Ambassador for Carpet Cleaners High Wycombe information & services

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