Aylesbury – fun facts

One of the main areas provided Ambassador ChemDrys’ specialist, expert & technologically advanced cleaning services is Aylesbury. Listed below are 8 fascinating facts about the town & its storied history.

  • 4,048 London children were evacuated to Aylesbury on the day the 2nd World War began
  • The famed, cult classic ‘A Clockwork Orange’ was partly filmed in the town
  • The herald of Aylesbury introduced the death penalty in 1840 for stealing sheep
  • The first recorded tornado in the UK struck in Aylesbury in 1950
  • Aylesbury had such a bad outbreak of cholera in 1832, that people made detours to avoid the town
  • The television programme ‘Midsomer Murders’ is largely filmed in & around of Aylesbury
  • A storm struck Coombe Hill monument in 1938, almost entirely destroying it
  • Aylesbury is the county town of Buckinghamshire, & has been since the 1600s

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