High Wycombe – history

One of the prime areas serviced by Ambassador ChemDry is the illustrious town of High Wycombe. There are a number of properties throughout High Wycombe that are outfitted with carpeted surfaces, upholstery & curtains that require regular, comprehensive cleans.

Ambassador’s Carpet Cleaning High Wycombe services are an advised hire for local residents. Below, we look at the lengthy history & heritage of the town.


The name Wycombe traditionally means ‘Dwellings by a stream’. The river Wye, that runs throughout High Wycombe, was a name first officially recorded in 1810.

The first building was carried out here in AD 150, when the Romans came to the valley. This archaic architecture was discovered by workmen in the early 1800s, who uncovered a mosaic walkway & a large villa with complex bathing house.

Roman bricks are still present in High Wycombe in the church tower & the ruins of St John’s Hospital.


The river Wye was essential to powering mills around the 11th century town. These corn mills dealt primarily within the cloth trade, beating the newly woven material with water-powered hammers, shrinking & thickening it. This trade had largely died out by 1600.

Following the end of this trade, these mills began to trade in paper. This paper was made from rags. This trade came to an ignominious end in the 1800s when paper workers revolted against new technology that was brought in.


A school for army officers was established in High Wycombe high street in 1799. The Royal Military College tutored pupils in traditional subjects in addition to siege warfare.

The town’s first public library was opened in 1875 after local philanthropist, James Olliff Griffits, largely raised the money himself. Despite not being popular with local pub owners (they would rather have people drinking their wares than reading books) the library marked a huge advance for the peoples of High Wycombe.

Contemporary Life

The town underwent a development plan in 2006, providing its residents with a new shopping centre, public library & leisure facilities.

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