High Wycombe – fun facts

High Wycombe is one of the prime areas serviced by Ambassador ChemDrys’ professional, talented & knowledgeable carpet, curtain & upholstery cleaning team. Listed below are 8 interesting & lesser known facts about the town.

  • High Wycombe was once famed for its furnishing industry, which utilised the towns considerable supply of beechwood
  • High Wycombe workshops, at one time, produced almost 5,000 chairs a day
  • The swan is the animal most associated with the town of High Wycombe & was used as a crest in the 1400s
  • The Rye is an area of grassland situated outside High Wycombe town centre & has been utilised for entertainment purposes since Medieval times
  • High Wycombe is located on a junction of the M40
  • A famed High Wycombe landmark are the Hell-Fire caves. These caves were used by Sir Francis Dashwood & a collation of monks known as the Hell-Fire club
  • Former Prime Minister, Benjamin Disraeli, resided in High Wycombe from 1847 to 1881
  • Poet T.S Eliot taught at High Wycombe’s Royal Grammar School in the early 1900s

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