Carpet Cleaning – Myths

There are a number of myths associated with professional carpet cleaning, namely in its effectiveness, cost & carpeted surfaces requirement for it. However, most of these myths are layovers from a time when carpet cleaning practises were not as technically advanced & as professional as those contemporarily used.

Ambassador ChemDry dispel & discuss a number of these myths below:

The carpet doesn’t look dirty, it doesn’t need cleaning

False. The majority of dirt concealed within carpets is ingrained below the fibres, doing significant damage when walked upon. This dirt destroys the protection of the fibres & the carpets colouring.

My carpet isn’t a year old, it doesn’t need cleaning

False. Many people believe that new carpets are not dirty because they do no showcase dirt atop their fibres. However, dirt still becomes ingrained at the fibres root & can do irreparable damage to the surface.

A professionally cleaned carpet gets dirtier quicker

False. This was true decades ago, in the primitive early days of carpet cleaning practises. Contemporary carpet cleaners utilise no dirt attracting residual materials in their cleans.

I own a special carpet-cleaning machine, I can do it

False. The majority of home purchased carpet cleaning machines seem to effectively clean carpeted surfaces but actually serve to put a potentially hazardous level of water into them. This water is a breeding ground for bacteria & can, in a short time, result in an exacerbated dirtiness.

I’ll leave the professional carpet clean for a special occasion

Wrong. Delaying will only result in a carpet in a worse state of degradation. Professionally cleaning carpeted surfaces before the dirt is unavoidable proves a better long term investment, as the carpet will retain its colouring, softness, etc.

Wouldn’t a hard surface floor be better, health-wise?

No. Clean carpets aid with allergies by trapping allergens within their fibres, preventing them from rising. With a hard floor, nothing would serve to prevent said allergens from affecting people.

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