High Wycombe – renovation

The town of High Wycombe has been redeveloped numerous times throughout its history. These renovations have been reflective of their time, the economic climate & the general mood within the town, and country, at that time.

In much the same way that Ambassador ChemDry refresh a property with their professional, efficient & efficient carpet cleaning High Wycombe services, the council has provided Wycombe with a needed rejuvenation.

Late 1960s

In the ‘60s, the town centre underwent a redevelopment that sought to revolutionise shopping in the local area. This alteration involved covering the river Wye over with concrete & knocking down a number of the older buildings. In their place was constructed two shopping centres, a number of car-parks & office blocks.

Eden Project

The modern ‘Eden Project’ planned to uncover more of the Wye. However, with the increasing size of the modern Eden centre that had been input, these plans were scrapped. This modern redeveloping project has also incorporated a revamp of the previous, ‘60s built shopping centres.

Buckinghamshire New University has also been refurbished, with the addition of a student village & new building.

These internal changes have instigated further builds, including a large Sainsbury’s, hotel and bus station.

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