St Albans – fun facts

One of the primary areas Ambassador ChemDry offer their carpet cleaning services to is St Albans. Listed below are 8 obscure & engaging facts about the town, its history & residents.

  • The St Albans clock tower, situated in town, was used for alarms, look outs & curfews following its construction in the 1400s
  • Famed physicist, Stephen Hawking, was educated at St Albans School
  • Nearly 50% of St Albans residents have a degree
  • The average weekly income of St Albans residents is 44% higher than the national average
  • 2001 film, Birthday Girl, starring Hollywood starlet Nicole Kidman, was filmed in St Albans
  • The remains of a Roman wall, from the towns time as Verulamium stands in St Albans parkland
  • ‘The Fighting Cocks’ is one of the oldest pubs in England & is situated at the end of the Verulamium road
  • St Albans possesses the 4th highest proportion of senior staff, managers & professional peoples the country over

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