Aylesbury – fun facts

One of the main areas provided Ambassador ChemDrys’ specialist, expert & technologically advanced cleaning services is Aylesbury. Listed below are 8 fascinating facts about the town & its storied history.

  • 4,048 London children were evacuated to Aylesbury on the day the 2nd World War began
  • The famed, cult classic ‘A Clockwork Orange’ was partly filmed in the town
  • The herald of Aylesbury introduced the death penalty in 1840 for stealing sheep
  • The first recorded tornado in the UK struck in Aylesbury in 1950
  • Aylesbury had such a bad outbreak of cholera in 1832, that people made detours to avoid the town
  • The television programme ‘Midsomer Murders’ is largely filmed in & around of Aylesbury
  • A storm struck Coombe Hill monument in 1938, almost entirely destroying it
  • Aylesbury is the county town of Buckinghamshire, & has been since the 1600s

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Chairs – fun facts

The chair is an integral piece of furniture in a range of locales. It is necessary in commercial, private & public places, to allow peoples a place to sit. They are also important for establishing the visual aesthetic of a space.

Listed below are interesting, engaging & revelatory facts about chairs.

  • The earliest existing examples of the chairs date back to 2 B.C
  • Following the inception of the chair, they were mostly used to seat people of high society; the poor sat on stools
  • One of the earliest examples of the office chair was designed by Charles Darwin in the 1800s. Darwin added wheels to his lab chair to allow for easier access to the specimens he was examining
  • The office chair was popularised when it was distributed throughout German parliament by Otto Von Bismarck
  • The first ever office chair racing championship was held in Germany in 2009. 70 competitors raced their office chairs, with most not making the finish line (helmets were a must)
  • Comfort was the purpose of the original office chair; the aim was for employees to stay seated & work for as long a time as possible
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Dirty Carpets

Dirty carpets are not only visually unappealing. They can also be detrimental to people’s health, holding in dirt & instigating, or aggravating, illnesses.

The prime issues with dirtied carpeted surfaces include:

Asthma, Allergies, Eczema & Rhinitis

Dirty carpets & upholstery attract numerous dust mites. The droppings of the mites contain the allergy-inflaming ‘Der p 1’ protein. This protein is known to trigger eczema, asthma & rhinitis.

Sandy Soil

If you spread the fibres of your carpet apart, you will be able to see a landfill of soil & dirt that is typically not visible but grinds against your carpet each time it is walked upon. Without having this deeply ingrained dirt professionally cleaned, your carpet will be worn down considerably over time.

Oily Residue

Natural oily residues, from people, pets & household activities, becomes entrapped within carpeted surfaces. This residue serves to magnetise & lock-in dirt. A process called oxidisation then occurs, as the oils amalgamate with the dirt to discolour the carpets colouration.


Worst of all, when a carpet becomes too dirty it can lead to its owners becoming ill. A carpet, when clean, serves as a filter, trapping bacteria, pollen & chemicals. However, when it becomes full with dirt, these chemicals will be breathed in by the property owners resulting in illness.

It is then that the services of professional carpet cleaners are a must hire.

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Sofas – fun facts

The sofa is one of the most popular & important furnishings within a property. Typically situated in the living room, the sofa is used by most family members in a range of activities. These include social gatheringswatching television eating dinner.

Below are a number of fascinating facts about just what exactly occurs to a sofa in its typical lifetime (of around 8 years).

  • The typical sofa will have a child jump upon it 587 times in its lifetime
  • Average sofas will prove the location for 1,300 cuddles, 293 arguments & around 1,600 spillages
  • Money is found in our sofas around 3 times a month & around 60p per time – this equates to around £170 in a sofas life
  • Couples’ sofas will witness around 1,174 kisses & 1,369 cuddles in its lifetime
  • Sofas will tolerate up to 400 boys nights & 295 girly evenings
  • People typically spend around 4 hours a day on their sofa
  • Children will, on average, lose 4 toys a month down the back of the sofa
  • The sofa, in its lifetime, will bear witness to around 1,300 soap operas & 800 films
  • The sofa will have food & drink dropped on it 72 times a year by children; their parents will spill food on it 6 times a month
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Commercial Clean – Benefits

Commercial cleaning practises are not only advised for businesses directly involved within the hygiene industries. Instead, professional public cleans are suggested hires for any companies with a workspace in which staff &/or customers operate. It is believed that these thorough, modern & convenient cleaning processes can inherently improve a number of aspects of business.

First Impressions

An appealing, clean & attractive office, or other commercial workplace, will be unequivocally helpful in helping to set a positive first impression to any visiting customers or job candidates. It, simply, can be the difference between success & failure in any business venture.

It is proven that one of the prime pieces of information retained by commercial guests are the conditions of the locale that they visit. Dirtiness carries with it connotations of laziness, illness & a lack of funds; all of which are counterproductive to good business. If a business is interfacing with customers & business partners on a regular basis, cleanliness is even more important to maintain; inconsistency can be as detrimental as a bad first impression.


If a commercial workspace is too dirtied, it can also poise a health danger to employees &/or visitors, in a variety of fashions. Errantly placed objects, wet flooring & overflowing waste refusal units can lead to physical accidents & to potential illness. Any injuries that befall peoples whilst in a workspace can lead to numerous legal ramifications for the company in question, that can break the back of smaller businesses.

Morale Boost

Not only does the work itself & the pay rates affect employees’ moods, but the conditions of a working environment can make a considerable impact also. 8 hours mired in dirt, mess & clutter would prove negative to any person’s mood. A clean, organised & structured workplace will prove wholly positive to peoples & will improve their work rate.

Aside from professional cleaning practises, simply opening a window & allowing a circulation of air will prove wholly beneficial to a workforce.

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10 Fun Carpet Facts

The history, construction & designs of carpets can be surprisingly fascinating. The decorative platform has a lineage that dates back thousands of years & incorporates a range of cultures.

Below are 10 fun, interesting & bizarre carpet facts.

  • The word ‘carpet’ is derived from the Latin carpere, which translate as ‘to pluck.’ This is likely due to carpets being prepared from ‘plucked’ fabrics. It possesses the same Latin root as Carpe Diem, ‘Pluck the day’
  • The popular English phrasing, ‘sweep under the carpet’, was first noted & recorded in use in 1963 – suggesting the commonality of the furnishing
  • The residents of the Middle Ages saw their floors covered with rushes, which were a kind of disposable carpet. However, when it got dirtied, it was merely thrown away
  • All carpets are advised to be professionally cleaned at least once a year
  • The red carpet initially marked the routes of politicians & leaders.  The first reference to such a red carpet was in 458 B.C
  • The floral designs on many carpets, particularly those paying homage to an oriental heritage, are typically based upon the lotus. Flowers were once revered in these countries due to their lack of water
  • Oriental carpets are very popular in Europe, since their crusaders returned with them during the Middle Ages. Many European carpet designs imitate & incorporate elements from these carpet variants
  • The first carpet designs are thought to be sourced from nomads, who used them to insulate their tents within Central Asia. The practise was transferred around the world through trading, immigration & travelling soldiers
  • The initial carpet cleaning technologies were not popular immediately as many people were offended by the assumption that their surfaces could be so dirty
  • Owing upon the typical carpet/rug distinctions, the ordinary flying carpet as showcased in fiction would technically be a rug
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Carpet Cleaning – History

The earliest evidence of carpet cleaning practises dates back to the 1800s. Before this time, carpets were typically protected with druggets (heavy woollen goods spread over areas of heavy wear) but not provided effective, thorough cleans.

Industrial Revolution

The initial examples of effective carpet cleaning were a direct result of the industrial revolution, which possessed a direct affect on the cleanliness of properties in North American & European cities. This was due to a lack of ventilation, meaning houses were filled with soot & dust, at the same time at which houses were outfitted with carpets, as a means of showcasing affluence.

19th Century Cleaning Practises

The most common cleaning practise of the time was beating carpets with corn brooms to rid them of dust, sand & soot. This practise proved no help in removing stains.

  • 1830s housewives scrubbed carpets with lemon juice & a hot loaf of crusty, white bread to remove stains including oil, ink & grease
  • Their carpets were then rinsed with water & left outside, on a sunny day, to dry
  • Later, tea leaves were brushed into carpets; this only served to further stain them
  • By the 1860s, advice began to be provided to carpet owners, including their need to be ‘broomed’
  • 1 piece of advice provided was to mix water & bull’s gall & scrub into the carpet with a flannel cloth (Bull’s gall is an incredibly powerful organic acid)

Vacuum Cleaner

In the 1870s in Chicago, the first vacuum cleaner was invented by Ives W. McGaffey. Electrically powered it was compact & lightweight. However, it wasn’t entirely practical to operate, requiring a hand crank to power & was not available to the masses.

In the early 20th century, the first vacuum cleaners were constructed, patented & released that resembled the modern day equipment. They also operated using the same methods as contemporary cleaners.


A number of new chemical & scientific discoveries were incorporated into house cleaning practises. It was this time that the basics of contemporary carpet cleaning were effectively established & which, with the advent of new technologies, have only been expanded & improved upon.

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Carpets – History

The origins of the carpeted surface is clouded in mystery. However, is it typically agreed upon amongst historians that the original examples of woven floor coverings were in the Neolithic Age (7,000 BC). There are 2 theories as to how the carpet was invented, however.

The 1st theory is that carpets were invented to keep nomadic troglodytes safe against cold weather & were both worn on the body & placed on the floor. As culture civilised, the carpet remained on the floor more than the body & designs were woven into them celebrating cultures, relevant designs, etc.

The 2nd Theory is that carpets were always utilised as flooring by more civilised cultures, fulfilling artistic & practical purposes. They were perhaps initially utilised during festivals & the like, before becoming altogether more commonplace.

Ambassador Fact; the oldest discovered carpet specimen dates to 5th century B.C & is designed with a myriad of relevant patterns, logos, etc.


Evidence suggests that the decoration of carpets was a practise borne in the Middle East, with it being a commonplace activity there between 2 & 3 B.C. People took these carpets to new locations when they moved, ensuring that the decoration of carpets was an activity that was spread throughout the globe.

The traveller Marco Polo said that the carpets of Turkey were “the choicest & the most beautiful…in the world.”

Antique Carpets

All carpets woven before 1920, due to the style of construction, are considered to be antiques. These are traditionally designed with natural dyes & inspired by Oriental patterns. Carpets woven from 1920 to today are known as modern. These designs are typically seen as being inspired by Western aesthetics.

 What if everything is an illusion & nothing exists? In that case, I definitely overpaid for my carpet.

 Woody Allen

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Cleaning Wool

Wool is a textile fibre taken from sheeps (& a few other animals) that are used in the designing of a number of products, including carpeting, clothing & upholstery. Wool is distinct from hair or other furs due to a number of its inherent properties.

Wool is;

  • Elastic
  • Grown in clusters
  • Crimped

The crimp & scaling of the wool allows it to be spun together into a variety of items, as it better helps the fibres of the fabric to attach to one another. Wool fabrics possess a greater bulk than other textiles & also retain air & heat. In addition to its most noted uses, wool is also used for a variety of other purposes. It is utilised in the construction of horse rugs, saddle cloths & blankets.

Despite the comfort, reputability & respectability of wool, it can be detrimental in that it can be difficult to clean. If cleaned by an amateur without an understanding of the material, further damage can be incurred to the surface, through discolouration, over zealous scrubbing, etc.

Ambassador ChemDrys knowledgeable, talented & trained staff can safely & expertly clean wool & woollen surfaces.

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Upholstery Fabrics

There are a variety of upholstery fabrics available, from which upholstered furniture is comprised. Upholstery materials possess different characteristics that ensure their suitability for incorporation into a space. Upholstery fabrics differ vastly in pattern, weight & texture.

Much contemporary upholstery furniture is man-made (synthetic). Some of these synthetics are natural, whilst others are blended with other fibres to produce materials. Their construction may have been of a variety of styles, from a single fibre build to a combination of knitted, flocked or woven materials.

These materials include;

  • Flock
  • Jacquard
  • Knits
  • Printed Cotton

Some of the basic upholstery fibres cleaned by Ambassador ChemDry are explored below. Their positives & negatives are detailed.


Typically utilised in woven velvets & knits, acrylic is lightweight, soft & resistant to sunlight. Holds its shape well & is resistant to abrasions, chemicals & oils. Acrylic is quick drying & commonly used outdoors.


A widely used fibre both in blends & alone. It is absorbent, strong & possesses an attractive colouring. Cotton is easier to clean than other upholstery materials but is vulnerable to heat & sunlight.


A popular material for use with upholstery due to its resilience, durability & soil resistance. The fibre dyes well & is resistant to fading, but does not possess the softness of other upholstery.


Strongest natural fibre, silk offers resilience, luxuriousness & an effective drapability. It can prove expensive however, is prone to water-spots & possesses only a slim resistance to abrasions.


Comprised from sheep fleece, wool is resilient, drapes well & is durable. Wool can prove costly, as silk, but is popular in colder temperatures. Its surface tends to prove attractive to dirt particles.

Ambassador ChemDry clean a variety of upholstery materials, bringing their professionalism, skill & knowledge to each task

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